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 "there is no shortage of opinions on the definition of successful
  'commercial art'. Some regard the concept itself as an   oxymoron; I am not one of those people.

  Simply put, I create complete communication concepts that   stimulate both my soul and my clients' markets. The day I stop   achieving those goals is the day I'll walk away and open up a   sushi bar."


From the original Newbury St. studio in Boston to his current
digs in LA and Colorado, Jeff Boxer creates visual intensity that boosts clients' revenues and audience capture rates while winning industry awards for artistic merit. He attributes this to his philosophy on the fine artist working in the commercial arts.

 "We consider the conceptual and emotional authenticity of our
  clients' markets before creating the visual path. With this   contextual knowledge, we produce concept-related images that   speak to targeted audiences. Making pretty pictures is one
  thing; producing ideas and images that generate numbers is
  why you hire me."

Jeff's work for Polaroid was featured in Communication Arts Annual Awards. His campaign for New Balance Athletic Shoes
won both Hatch
and the Art Directors Club of Boston Awards.  
His career was featured in the Photo District News article Sports Fashion and the Fitness Boom. His creative-directing helped Toronto-based fashion photographer John Emrys win the 16th annual PDN/Nikon Award in self-promotion. Jeff's sports-fashion ad campaigns achieved the highest readers' survey poll results in the history of Rodale Publications. His collateral and editorial materials have generated similar results for Siemens of Germany, E.I. DuPont, and many others.